They are one of the leading and most recognised vacuum cleaners brands worldwide. Dyson is the name, and their quality of build and effectiveness has led them to the top of the market.

Dyson’s type of upright vacuum cleaners design is lightweight, flexible and still able to offer huge power to the user; not to mention they are stylish at the same time!

The other advantage of the Dyson product range is that they cater for all types of households and users. Whether you suffer from allergies, have a household pet, have an unusual floor surface or simply need a Dyson unit that is easy to store away – everything is catered for.

Of course Dyson don’t just do upright vacuum cleaners, they also have cylinder style cleaners too and back all their products with a full warranty and comprehensive customer service and spare parts.

To make things even more attractive, you can order Dyson units directly from their website and also take advantage of free delivery for orders over £25

So for your next vacuum cleaner; look no further than the best on the market – the Dyson Uprights!

By ricky

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