When Jason Taylors Rothmans Medal was stolen recently; the former halfback and current coach of the South Sydney Rabbitohs spoke of how much the award meant to him and how desperately he wanted it back. The chances of the thief being able to sell the medal were slim, as it’s easily recognizable – however the chances of the medal being recovered were also low, as the guilty parties would not want to risk the chance of being found out.

Well not only has the medal turned up today; but the detective work has come from a very unlikely source. Parramatta hooker Mark Riddell gave Taylor a call earlier in the week to discuss the medal, saying that he had heard some news on it and was able to find the stolen award.

It seems that someone had contacted Mark Riddell saying they knew the whereabouts of the medal, and Piggy began to make inquiries to find the stolen goods.

An ecstatic Taylor has been reunited with the medal and has his former pupil to thank for the Sherlock Holmes work.

By ricky

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