It had to happen. Willie Mason has been offered serious cash to walk away from the NRL and set up shop in the UK Super League. Bulldogs bad boy Willie Mason can be earning up to $3 million dollars for the next 3 years, and at the age of 27 this kind of cash can really end the career of the big prop on an impressive note. (or notes, millions of them).

Wigan is the UK Super League club to throw the cash at Willie Mason, they know that the price needs to be high – as Mason isn’t keen to leave his Sydney base and also doesn’t want to throw away his remaining representative opportunities and World Cup appearance chances in 2008.

The bonus for Wigan as that not only is Willie Mason a top class player on his day, but the big man being the human headline he is – provides a good marketing platform to the club that takes him on board. They might have to put up with his bad boy behaviour, but Mason sells. Whether that be club jerseys, stadium tickets or other merchandise – Willie Mason will keep their cash registers ringing.

The Bulldogs yesterday told Willie Mason he was not welcome at the clubs pre-season training commencement, so Mason has begun training with boxer brother Les.

While Willie would be disappointed to miss his rep games next year; surely the man has to grab this $3 million dollar offer while it’s on the table. Rugby League player lifespans are getting shorter year by year now; at 27, Willie Mason needs to think business and set him and his family up for the future.

Remember this Willie; “Show me the money!”

By ricky

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