Ashley Harrison wasn’t hanging around to see how things panned out at the Roosters. Amidst all the Willie Mason signing talks at Bondi; the journey man forward snuffed out a deal with the Gold Coast Titans – securing his future for the next 3 years and putting a rest to any concern of him being a victim of a personnel clean out at the Roosters.

The move seems to be a smart one for the former Queensland Origin forward. Returning to his home base of Queensland, Ashley Harrison can focus on getting back to his best form. After leaving the Broncos several years ago to join the South Sydney Rabbitohs resurgence, the hard working forward has struggled to find top gear after joining the Roosters recently. Harrison seemingly got caught in the coaching merry-go-round at Bondi, while playing well under Ricky Stuart – he seemed to be on the outer with Chris Anderson and spent plenty of time coming off the bench early in 2007.

With his future now sured up, Harrison can really roll the sleeves up and will not only strive to get his own form into top gear – but will add some depth to the injury prone Titans pack.

At the Roosters; the coast is now very clear to make a decent tilt at Willie Mason. The Harrison move has seemingly freed up $250,000 in play money for the Bondi club and now gives Nick Politis and his team more ammo to gun hard for Willie Mason. While Mason has been offered $3 million to go to the UK – the big name prop still remains keen to base himself out of Australia and join a Sydney based club. The Roosters are in the running well and truly as they already boast former Bulldogs teammates; Braith Anasta, Mark O’Meley and Nate Myles.

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