Since Melbourne Cup day the rumors have been circulating pretty heavily. NRL and Cowboys star Jonathan Thurston looks to be pretty smitten with high profile celebrity Tania Zaetta. The Rugby League pin-up boy was previously dating girlfriend Nicky Suey – but seems to have moved on from the old flame.

When questioned; the pair simply said they are ‘good friends’ – who hang-out together but the body language from recent outings seems to tell a different story.

The biggest talking point of the new couple is their age difference. Tania Zaetta; the former star of Channel 7’s “Who Dares Wins!” in the mid-1990’s and more recently a feature of India’s ‘Bollywood’ Film scene – is 12 years older than NRL star Jonathan Thurston.

With both parties big celebrities in their own right; it seems like the future power couple could be big earners in the future. Look out ‘Posh ‘n Becks’ – because it’s ‘JT and TZ’ …

By ricky

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