How does no interest on balance transfers for the first 13 months sound? Pretty good right? Well that’s just the start of things with the Mint Credit Card.

As a further introductory bonus you will also receive a 0% interest rate until June 2008, even once the introductory offers are over – you can still enjoy a competitive 14.9% interest rate.

The benefits for the Mint Credit Card are many, you can also experience top notch customer service, total security when shopping online, a 56 day interest free period on your purchases. The Royal Bank of Scotland backed card ensures you piece of mind, but what impressed us most was the management of the card by mobile phone TXT service! What a smart idea and an ideal way to keep a close eye on whats happening with your card; making security and management a breeze.

The Mint Card also receives the worldwide recognition of MasterCard – giving you even more coverage and once again the backing and security for total piece of mind.

To get the complete picture and even more benefits, check out the credit cards home page at Mint:

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