BT currently features a wide range of broadband options to the marketplace. Their cheap broadband utilizes wi fi based equipment and not only enables you to receive fast paced internet, but you can take advantage of generous download limits and also enjoy features such as BT’s Vision Digital TV Recorder.

BT’s offerings truly are the UK’s best value and most comprehensive deals. You can start downloading at 8mb downstream, which will make surfing the web a whole new experience at such a high speed.

The other advantage of using BT, is their customer service is a sound addition to their product offerin. Their team will help you in deciding the correct plan, ensure your initial connection is simple and organised quickly and finally any issues you may have be it technical or accounts, they will quickly sort things out.

If you already have broadband, then switching to BT makes things even simpler. Simply follow the instructions from BT’s broadband webpage, and you can get things underway and start enjoying the cost effective and fast service soon after signup.

If you’re an existing BT broadband customer, then feel free to get in touch with BT to check if your eligble for the new wi fi plans and you too can take advantage of the ‘ultimate broadband solution!’

By ricky

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