With the growth of Plasma, LCD and all forms of flat screen TV’s – the demand for wall mounting and overall tv wall bracket supply has certainly grown.

When you spend quite a considerable amount of your flat screen television, you need to be confident that your moutning system is not only the ‘right’ fit and design, but it’s a quality product that is not going to damage or totally destroy your TV investment.

Thats where ‘dekomount’ comes in.

Featuring a comprehensive online store and backing their products with an 18 month warranty, they ensure your screen size and total weight is catered to properly by the relevant tv wall bracket.

Using their handy online tools, you can use such things as the ‘bracket finder’ and quickly determine the right wall mount for your device.

They also feature comprehensive phone support, so feel free to call them and ask any questions about their products. And any product ordered, will be delivered extremely quickly. So for total piece of mind, it’s a must to check out dekomount and their large offering on tv wallbrackets.

By ricky

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