Now is the time to equip your company with a powerful set of enterprise grade tools, to give your business the edge.

The BoxesOS Solution from EPAZZ, totally empowers your employee base – giving them the tools to perform content oriented tasks such as: Developing, Maintaining, Arranging, Storing and Collaborating the content.

Feature packed; you instantly enable your business with the following components:

* Portal Software
* Web Collaboration
* Document Management
* Content Management
* Learning System Management
* Central Knowledge Bank
* Workflow Engine
* Scheduler
* Membership
* Enterprise Integration: CRM, Reporting integration

Your content can be delivered in various formats, giving you total flexibility. From web pages, emails, polls, standard documents, and even RSS feeds.

One of the biggest advantages is that the Content Management Component totally empowers your staff, even employees with limited technical know-how can take control and become active producers of web content without having to know or understand any HTML language.

At present, EPAZZ is featuring a 30 day obligation free trial of the Boxes OS Solution.

Its a risk free way of seeing how the BoxesOS Solution can give your business the ultimate process edge. Improve current systems and outdated workflow, give your employees the tools to out perform their competitors and finally have the piece of mind knowing that your back end enterprise solution features secure access only.

Take your enterprise into the lead, visit EPAZZ today.

By ricky

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