This an internet promotional experiment only relating to John Chow.

Regular NRL News readers please disregard this post as it is purely for experimental and promotional requirements during the NRL off-season.

Regular NRL daily posting will resume in the early pre-season and leading up to the pre-season our posts and articles will be slightly less frequent. We thank you for your understanding.

The John Chow Experiment:
It’s underway. The SEO test to see if the keyword of ‘John Chow’ can be steered in a different direction. Internet mogul and gatekeeper of sorts, with traffic over the 300,000 page view mark each month John Chow is an internet success story without doubt.

John Chow kicked off his personal blog in mid 2006 and after humble beginnings the Canadian resident now earns in the region’s of $30,000 USD each month from his efforts to monetize his site. Interestingly enough, John Chow has many competitors who actually receive more traffic – however Chow is unmatched in his ability to make money online and squeeze every advertising dollar he can from his personal blog.

As the power of John Chow grew, his noted participation in link trading become more noticeable. You see in the world of website and blog promotion a Google PageRanking is critical to listing position in the search engine and also denotes how much you can charge advertisers who are keen to cash in on a link back from the higher Page Ranked sites, as they receive a ‘vote’ of sorts in Googles eyes which in turn adds to their Page Rank.

Chows ability to negotiate and trade links soon saw him being watched closely by Google. The big search engine giant frowns on link trading and soon John Chow was totally at loggerheads with the search giant. The first step was Google removing John Chows site from their directory and when his name ‘John Chow’ is searched the results returned from Google don’t show the *actual* John Chow site anywhere.

As a personal test in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) I set about chasing a top spot under the keyword of John Chow. After creating a personal blog post based on John Chow – I now set about raising awareness and improving the popularity of this post in the form of link backs. The more backlinks to this post on John Chow – the higher the chances of sitting in Google’s top 10 for the search term ‘John Chow’.

Time will tell.

By ricky

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