By John Chelsea

It’s an interesting move by Ricky Stuart to name Paul Gallen as the captain of the Cronulla Sharks for 2008.

While there is no questioning the ability, workrate and passion from Paul Gallen – is he really the best man for the job? The case against Gallen, stems from his hot headed interactions with referees and his ‘play dead’ actions that often get him into embarrassing trouble.

Maybe it might be the best thing for Paul Gallen. The added responsibility on the Rugby League field might just stop him from taking a swan dive or make him think twice before giving the ref a spray. Gallen is also known to ‘go the biff’ on occasion, and surely Ricky Stuart would have had a long talk about these kinds of antics.

The Sharks really do need to make something happen in NRL 2008; and it’s going to be a tough gig for Gallen and his colleagues.

Suffering from reduced crowds, limited playing talent and a fairly new back office and coaching infrastructure – the Cronulla boys do face an uphill battle. Their defence was their best asset in 2007 and their season was built around this. If they can continue this impressive stat, it will give them a nice leg up in 2008.

Their problems have been mainly out wide; lack of speed and creativity rarely saw them cross the try line this season. Many of their points came through set plays and creative half work; the brainchildren of Ricky Stuart and his talented halves Brett Kimmorley and Adam Dykes.

As pre-season training gets back into full swing after Christmas; Paul Gallen will need to pour everything into his new role as Cronulla Sharks captain. Personally, the likes of Lance Thompson or Greg Bird may have been a more suitable choice. But if Paul Gallen sticks to NRL Rugby League and stops his ‘soccer-like’ diving – he may just go on to be a top notch skipper.

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  1. Gallen is only captain because Noddi(brett Kimmorley) needed to practice his kickin game……..DUH

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