Paul Vautin in his Manly playing daysFormer Rugby League icon and now NRL Footy Show Host Paul Vautin is beaming at present, with the news the Gold Coast Titans have scouted his son into the ranks of the young NRL club.

A skinny 17 year old, Matt Vautin is quite the opposite of his father – Vautin Jnr is a pacey outside back with a decent step, something his old man would have loved back in his heyday. With a good amount of height and the ideal weight at 93kg – the signs for the future for the young Vautin look good.

Initially the Titans had no idea they were scouting the son of former star Paul Vautin, but the rest as they say is history. The Titans have opened the cheque book and Matt Vautin has now relocated from the Northern Beaches of NSW to the tourist strip of the Gold Coast.

Vautin Snr has asked old mate Trevor Gilmiester to keep a close eye on his son over the remainder of the off-season and the man they called the axe is reportedly assisting young Vautin with tackling technique and an increased fitness regime in addition to the help he is receiving from the Titans.

The trend of former players sons entering the NRL seems set to continue, with several already scattered throughout the clubs and the upcoming stars in Pearce Jnr at the Roosters and Roach Jnr at Cronulla will see the trend continue along with Fatty Jnr and his deal with the Titans.

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