Embattled Kiwi Rugby League coach Gary Kemble has finally quit his post as head coach of the NZ side after weeks of in-fighting and an eventual player revolt – led by Roy Asotasi and David Kidwell.

Citing the best interests of the team and his country, Kemble eventually had enough of the finger pointing and constant spot light from NZ and Australian media. Since taking the reigns, Kemble has been in control of some of the biggest ever defeats the NZ Rugby League has seen.

With such a quality side, it was gobsmacking that Kemble couldn’t pull it all together and making the matter worse was the fact that when Wayne Bennett had control of the All Golds touring side (a side with similar Kiwi personnel) he had them firing on all cylinders.

With Kemble walking away, it opens the door for Australian Wayne Bennett to get involved with the Kiwi’s and bring some respect back to their national side. The quality of player is certainly there and while it hasn’t been mentioned in the press, there is no question Wayne Bennett would like to exact some revenge on the Australian side after his eventual dumping to Ricky Stuart several years ago – this is the chance of a fresh change and a new challenge for the aging Bennett.

A competitive Kiwi Rugby League side is critical to the success of the league internationally and the World Cup around the corner – the Kiwis need to pull together ASAP or risk drifting further afield.

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