malcolm-noad.jpgTo add fuel to the fires over at Belmore, it seems that a boardroom battle is about to erupt as former Bulldogs stars gather in an attempt to regain control of the once proud club. Former players Paul Dunn, Graeme Hughes, Barry Ward and Andrew Farrar have created a rival ticket to try and wrestle control of the NRL club from it’s current Malcolm Noad governed state.

At the heart of the challenge, the Bulldogs old boys want a return to the days of Peter Moore. In the days of Bullfrog Moore, the Bulldogs club was heavily envied – they had a tight knit family structure and continued to produce quality players and won a stack of Premiership Titles.

Since the passing of Peter Moore, it seems the Bulldogs have limped from one crisis to another. Apart from tasting glory in 2004, the Bulldogs have been constantly in NRL headlines for all the wrong reasons. Rape allegations, wild parties, boozing on the job and a revolving door that lost millions of dollars worth of playing talent are the key problems the club has faced.

It’s interesting to see how the tide has turned against Malcolm Noad. The one time News Limited man and previous NRL chairman was a favourite son of the News crowd sometime ago; how things have changed. News Limited papers continue to bag Noad and make like continually difficult for him at the Bulldogs and current chairman George Peponis remains uncomitted to either Noad and the rival ticket – keeping his eggs in both baskets.

Surely things can’t get worse for the Bulldogs, their new training facitily at the Sydney Showground is undergoing serious renovations and is currently doubled booked well into the NRL season. With morale at an all time low, should the Bulldogs drop a few games early in the season they simply might not be able to bounce back before heads roll.

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One thought on “Bulldogs old boys challenge for control”
  1. If Graeme Hughes buggers off from that ticket – that’d be….well – JUST the ticket!!!

    But Graeme Hughes is just a bitter, poisonous individual with not just chips but large 50kg SACKS of potatoes on his shoulders, and a bone to pick with almost everyone.

    NOT what we as a club need!

    So p*ss off Hughes – take your ulterior motives & revenge fantasies elsewhere – and let those with the 100% of the proper motives make the move here – I am ALL for that! But G.Hughes – we don’t want you and we don’t need you. Go away. Go away and stop your constant & continual bagging & sniping of the club whilst you’re at it….it isn’t constructive criticism – EVER – and it isn’t helping.

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