Trent Waterhouse Penrith PanthersSome positive news today for the 2007 NRL wooden spooners the Penrith Panthers. Former Australian backrower Trent Waterhouse signing on the dotted line for another three years. Its a much needed boost for both the Panthers and Waterhouse, with Trent struggling in 2007 with a horror injury that saw him sit out most of the year.

They are a funny team the Penrith Panthers, they are either unbeatable and winning the comp or on a hiding to nothing and accompanying the cellar regularly. It’s all or nothing with the Penrith boys and 2008 should be an interesting one for them. With new signing Petero Civoniceva seemingly the guiding light, his consistency could be just the medicine.

With access to the likes of Trent Waterhouse, coach Matt Elliott will be hoping the Panthers can improve their competency at carrying out instructions on the field; something they rarely did in 2007 as they tried to play too much adlib Rugby League.

The Panthers were also the NRL’s bad boys last year. Constantly committing infringements, they rarely gave themselves a chance to compete in many games. Looking to atone this year, Elliott arranged several sessions for the Panthers with the NRL referees – a smart move to try and curb their hurtful trend from last season.

So we wait with interest as the mountain men try and take a different approach in 2008 NRL. Certainly this confidence shown in Trent Waterhouse marks a step in the right direction, his consistency and cool head will be called on regularly as the Panthers try to keep their dream and their coaches alive for a few more years yet.

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