Anthony Minichiello RoostersOur forums were launched earlier this year and we are starting to see some good growth in users and comments. The forums are totally free and we encourage everyone to get in there and voice their opinion on NRL Rugby League.

Who knows, you might just get some gossip hot off the press that you can’t find anywhere else in the NRL world. A few members have caught our attention, in particular – Peter Liaros a Roosters man who passed on these comments recently about Anthony Minichiello: (Look out Danny Wiedler, Peter Liaros is on the case!)
“Mini has had a good workout during the off season doing some specific wights to help strengthen his back. Tony Ayoub (Roosters Physio) has said “Anthony Minichiello shouldn’t get a back injury for the next 2 seasons and that his speed has now increased by 5 sec/100m taking him to only 20 seconds for the 100 metre sprint, that’s pretty fast!” – Peter Liaros

Other members have predicted their Top 8 and have also said which coach they think will get axed first in NRL 2008.

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By ricky

One thought on “The NRL News Forums”
  1. For some time now I have watched the AFL try to dominate in their sport. Having spent 20 odd years on the NSW / Vic border, it is not hard to understand the passion they have for their game. There also equally seems to be an anti Rugby League sentiment that flows through the southern states.
    Now, we are under attack. The AFL’s plans to set up another team in West Sydney should be the catalyst for the NRL to start acting. I think they have been too slow in their actions in the past.
    The first thing that needs to be addressed is why can we only get 2-3 free games on television and one of these is a replay. If the NRL want to hold onto their game, i would be flooding the coverage free to air all weekend, just like the AFL have been doing for years now. No wonder they are winning, if you flick on the TV looking for a game of footy in the Rugby League heartland, you will end up watching an AFL match. This is outrageous that we have got ourselves locked into pay tv. Not everyone can afford this, especially in the poorer areas where the game is under attack.
    The other thing I would do is pull up stumps out of Melbourne. I would move the Storm to a place on the Eastern seaboard (preferably where the AFL are thinking next and shore up the game on the coast. You can forget about trying to put the game anywhere else.There is no interest. I mean, Storm have won the comp twice, have performed highly for most of their existence yet in Melbourne, no one knows who they are, or cares who they are. They don’t get any favours from the press down there because they hate anything to do with NSW.
    It is time the NRL stopped pussy footing around and promote the game to the people who love the game. This includes people like me who can’t afford pay tv and doesn’t include Victorians, or South Australians or anyone else who doesn’t give a rats about the game.

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