With a new management team in place, the Bulldogs are wasting no time in trying to rebuild their crumbling image. With so much talent walking out the door in recent times, the Dogs have setup a hotline to player managers and are targetting the games big names across the country.

The top of their hitlist is Israel Folau. While many feel that if Israel is lured away from the Storm, his next choice would be the Broncos because of their location close to Folau’s family. However, the Dogs are reported to be throwing big money at the young star and the partnership he could form with someone like Sonny Bill Williams would certainly be an attraction to him and make other NRL teams shudder with fright on the fringes.

Fresh from re-signing key figures, Andrew Ryan and Luke Patten – the Dogs knew they have to boost morale quickly and ensure the flagship players were onboard for the future. They have also just extended the contract of young Kiwi outside back, Lee Te Maari for a further 2 years in what is another move in the right direction.

The Bulldogs are also making their presence felt up North, as they have moved quickly to try and secure the services of Carl Webb who would be a massive addition to the Bulldogs pack which lacks the punch of Willie Mason, Roy Asotasi and Mark O’Meley. With the uncertainty around the coaching makeup for next year at the Cowboys, the opportunity to poach players might be at it’s best right now.

As the Bulldogs management move to secure the future for the club and formulate a more potent roster for next year, the steps taken may further worry coach Steve Folkes. Obviously there isn’t too much Folkes can do apart from continue to win games, but even still – the yearn for change might be too great, with a fresh approach looking more and more likely as the Dogs try to forge a new image with consistent results and more finals success.

By ricky

One thought on “Bulldogs open cheque books nationwide”
  1. well all i have too say iz that the BULLDOGS should leave ISRAEL FOLAU alone.
    Israel would be better off playing 4 the mighty warriors in the centers along with Brent tait?
    i suppose u are all thinking wear is the money going too come from?
    well REUBEN WIKI has saig that he wants too play in the super league next year so hes on about 400 groand i thing, so therefore the warriors would have all the funds in the world too bur a rising star such as FOLAU????


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