Israel Folau signs contract deal with Brisbane BroncosBoom Melbourne Storm centre Israel Folau has signed today with the Brisbane Broncos after many felt he would remain in Melbourne with the club that nurtured him and took him to an NRL Premiership.

Reports put the contract value at around $2 million dollars for a term of 4 years, as the rookie spoke of reuniting with his family who are all Brisbane based.

The signing of Folau puts Brisbane in an awesome position, already playing amazing football and boasting a good batch of younger players – the only piece of the jigsaw puzzle left is the recruitment of Craig Bellamy. The former Broncos assistant makes no bones about his desier to return him and Brisbane have said they do not want anyone else other than Bellamy at the helm.

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6 thoughts on “Israel Folau signs with Broncos”
  1. mann! dis guy shud jus stay at MElbourne storms…Gee’s Tongans don’t play for big bucks coz dat ruins tha game but then again IZZY FOLAU iz tha man so yeah…bad news!

  2. folau ur crazy to sign up with them
    u play better with tha storms……….
    plz stay with tha storms where u belong


    well it is time to start makn ur own decisions and livin your own life and go back to your family and having fun!!BUT it is so SAD that you are leaving the STORMS!!BUT it is ok coz now you are going too start making my team look good with all your hard working in it and the BRONCOS are going to start winning!!

  4. Ummm well ii reckon its good that Folau is going to play for the BRONCOS. Broncos are better then the STORMS and he will do way better playing for the BRONCOS neway. But yea im like your biggest fan out. my USB is full of photos of you. iiiii love you !!!! STRAIGHT MORMON STYLES WHATTTT ! THE CHURCH IS CHRRROOOOOOO !


  5. Hi. Israel I’m one of your fans from Papua New Guinea. and my grand son was born on the 2nd State of Origin night 24th June 2009. and I have named him after you as
    IOSEFA FALOU LOI. I would appreciate you email me your personal email address for me to get in touch with you.

    Joseph Loi Draiva

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