St George Illawarra Dragons forward Jarrod Saffey has tonight been cleared by the NRL judiciary of biting the Radiers Todd Carney at the weekend.

In a hearing that only took 15 minutes, lack of evidence meant the charge was Todd Carneys word against that of Jarrod Saffey.

Todd Carney initially said the damage from the bite involved both top and bottom teeth, however Saffey’s defence team said that is humanly impossible because of the mouth guard Saffey was wearing at the time.

Carney soon after retracted his belief that it was top and bottom bite marks and said it was simply the bottom teeth.

It all likelihood the teeth of Saffey could have accidently come into contact with Carneys arm and certainly on the evidence availble – charges could not upheld.

The judiciary feared the result may deter future players from reporting biting incidents that go unseen and they made it clear that Todd Carney did the right thing making the complaint and the matter was sorted out in the best possible fashion, by a fair hairng at the NRL judiciary.

In other judiciary news, Cronulla’s Paul Gallen took an early guilty plea for his facial massage of Anthony Laffranchi and will miss 3 weeks. Gallen was also lucky to escape further charge on a clear squirrel grip play during the Sharks and Titans game on Saturday night.

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