Russell Crowe Souths Sydney NRL 2008As Souths continue to lurch from one crisis to the next, stand-by for Russell Crowe to get directly involved to try and get his team moving in the right direction.

From poor NRL Results, on-field coaching breaches, salary cap fines and now players on the drink on the eve of training – the woeful start to 2008 simply won’t be tolerated by Russell Crowe. While the in-experienced Jason Taylor is doing his best to get things happening and club boss Peter Holmes a Court is talking it up at Souths, expect to see some interaction from the ‘hands-on’ Crowe very soon.

The incredibly successful Russell Crowe is simply not the kind of guy to sit back idly and watch things compound, such is his nature – he will get involved somewhere to try and spark the struggling club back into life. While gone are the days of Russell telling players like Adam McDougall “Which lines to run”, expect to see more motivational or rewarding type events organised by Crowe for staff and players.

Such a driven and committed person, Crowe has achieved so much through sheer tenacity. Whether it be in his acting, his music career or his passion for Rugby League – he has strong ideas and is rarely afraid to voice them.

Perhaps Russell could work on a second South Sydney Book, a follow on from his creation last year?

Volume 2. The Book of Myths – Where Crowe could put to bed all the negative talk surrounding South Sydney, scoffing at suggestions the club could go through the 2008 NRL season winless. Maybe the comment Russell made about Souths winning the comp in 2008 can also be addressed in this book?

What about Dean Widders? The big fella has been struggling with form of late, a yard short of pace and devoid of ideas on the fringes. Maybe Russell needs to ‘re-connect’ with the former star and tell him “I love you Dean Widders” – because it’s been almost 12 months since Rusty declared his love for the player and maybe Dean is feeling a little cheated.

Maybe the Bunnies could get back on track with some fashion tips from Russell? Crowe was heavily involved with the re-design of the logo, arranging new jerseys and formulating street wear style jackets. Perhaps Russell could design a new NRL jersey for the Rabbitohs which gives them an element of camouflage, making them harder to tackle – this might help them score more tries at a time when they simply can’t seem to get over the chalk.

Being serious for a moment, the intervention of Russell Crowe certainly can’t hurt South Sydney at the moment. Russell might be a little bit edgy with some of the stunts he pulls, but his personality and undeniable passion for Souths could really help the players and regardless of how he gets involved – chances are pretty good that it will do more good than harm.

So stand by, expect to see Russell Crowe come to the aid of his beloved team soon. As they say, “All we need is love!”

By ricky

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