Melbourne Storm NRL Development Melbourne Storm have partnered with Bodyflow, a clinically proven medical technology to fast track recovery and injury rehabilitation. Melbourne Storm is the first football team in the world that have invested in a Bodyflow Portable device for each member the entire squad.

An Australian initiative, Bodyflow has been independently clinically tested and proven for Sports Recovery by Australian research conducted by Victoria University. The technology works by promoting the flow of body fluids such as blood and lymph by its ability to specifically stimulate smooth muscle, the type of muscle within veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels using a specific patented electro-stimulation frequency.

‘Bodyflow essentially flushes out the toxins and by-products created from exercise enabling Melbourne Storm athletes to recover faster from sporting activities, injuries and travel. We envisage that over the next 24 months most elite athletes would be using Bodyflow to maximise recovery and really create that competitive advantage’ – Bodyflow CEO Joe Di Santo. With billions of dollars globally spent annually on sports recovery and sporting injuries worldwide, rapid recovery and rehabilitation is required to ensure that performance is maximised and competitive advantage is leveraged. Melbourne Storm has been fast on the cusp of research being the first team in the world to invest in Bodyflow machines for every player on their list.

Melbourne Storm is determined to stay one step ahead of its NRL competitors. “We believe our investment in Bodyflow technology will give our entire player group every chance to be fresher and fitter come finals” – Mary Toomey (Team Physiotherapist)

Conditions that can be treated by Bodyflow include:

· Lymphoedema (chronic fluid retention in limbs)

· Inflammation from sprains and strains

· ’corked’ muscles (removing fluid and promoting blood flow)

· Faster recovery after sporting competition and training

· Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during flight travel

With this investment, the Storm do remain pioneers in the NRL and are simply streets ahead of every other side in many areas. While the results of the new healing technology are yet to be proven locally, surely kudos must go to not only the coach and squad of the Storm, but the back office and visionaries that continue to help keep the Melbourne Storm at the forefront of NRL development.

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