nrl-news-logo.jpgThe players should take a paycut says Denis Fitzgerald, coming out with his usual monthly outburst that is beyond belief. Parramatta’s bumbling CEO is at it again as the NRL and Rugby League world sits back and laughs at his mindless comments.  

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald sits back on his annual $400,000 salary and has the front to ask players to take a paycut?

Fitzgerald tried to quickly cover his trails by revealing he had cancelled a Las Vegas junket in November because of Parramatta’s struggling financial position. How decent of him?

Fitzgerald went in search of headlines yesterday and called on the NRL to cut the game’s salary cap from $4 million back to $3.5 million. The only parties happy about his thoughtless outbust were the folks over at Souths who got a rest from the constant media headlines and probably the UK Super League, who would be rubbing their hands with glee as they could target NRL players for a cheaper price if the cap was cut.

The reduction in the NRL salary cap, Fitzgerald said, would ensure all clubs survive during recent financial hardships.

The Fitzgerald master plan involved the cap being dropped by $100,000 a year over 5 years to ease the burden on NRL outfits.

When asked if would take a pay cut himself to ease the financial strains, Fitzgerald said: “No. My salary didn’t treble when Super League hit 12 years ago.

“My salary is commensurate with the responsibilities of a business this size. I am CEO of both the Parramatta Eels and also the Parramatta Leagues Club.”

Well how sad for Fitzgerald, still holding a grudge that he couldn’t personally receive some of the lucrative money being thrown around during the Super League War. So as times get tough and belts need to be tightened, he’ll simply hit the players between the eyes and sit back on his leather chair and continue to lurch from one brainless outburst to the next; all on a salary of $400,000 a year.

Parramatta’s 7 directors have a yearly subsidy of $100,000 agreed by members for meals, drinks, accommodation, entertainment, transport, admission charges, conferences and conventions.

That grant will also remain in place for the likes of Fitzgerald.

With Parramatta Leagues Club another outfit being hampered by the NSW Government pokie tax and anti-smoking rules, Fitzgerald confirmed he will not visit the United States later this year for a proposed gaming convention.

“I have a clause in my contract that allows me to attend the Global Gaming Conference in Las Vegas,” Fitzgerald said.

“But because of our financial position, I won’t be attending the conference this November.”

Fitzgerald said a salary cap reduction may not automatically mean current players are hit financially.

“Reducing the salary cap doesn’t necessarily means individual players have to take a pay cut,” he said.

“We would honour all (existing) contracts but, in time, players leave, retire and younger players come through. We would keep within our means.”

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