greg bird nsw state of origin police saga queensland 2008Cronulla Sharks and NSW Origin star Greg Bird says he was humiliated by Queensland police officers who handcuffed him for no reason in the early hours of Thursday morning in Brisbane after the State of Origin match. Under pressure to explain the situation the Queensland Police have now come out firing, suggesting the Officers in fact arrested Greg Bird for drunken behaviour and not following directions of a Police Officer.

If this was the case; then why would Greg Bird make it public about his altercation with Police? And why did the Police then release Greg Bird without charge? It all sounds like a cover-up on behalf of the Queensland Police who must be clammering to cover their tarnished image.

Bird was apparently waiting near a taxi rank at West End after visiting a pub following the 30-0 State of Origin drubbing from the Maroons when two police officers jokingly arrested him. In front of a large gathering of locals, the Police Officers thought it would be ‘fun’ to grab Greg Bird and place him under ‘fake’ arrest in front of all the onlookers. Police now claim they were approached by Greg Bird who asked for directions to a cab rank. They alledge that Bird was drunk and refused a direction to move out of the way.

He was released 30 seconds later and caught a taxi back to the NSW Blues hotel, but says the unprovoked incident has caused him a great deal of embarrassment.

As both the NSW Origin Camp, the Cronulla Sharks and the Queensland Police begin to investigate the incident – already people are starting to point the finger at Greg Bird. It’s obvious how much harm this Police prank has already caused and will continue to cause – with Bird forced to defend himself for a late night out and enjoying a few drinks at a pub. The fact that the Queensland Police are covering the whole thing up is a joke.

The mindless intervention of some attention seeking Police will cause no end of damage to Greg Birds image and that of the game of Rugby League.

Sadly, the Queensland Police should not have sought their own 15 seconds of fame and should have simply carried on their duties. While sections of the public may critisise Greg Birds late night out or his failure during the Origin game only hours before, but few are mentioning how the Queensland Police Officers failed in their chosen profession, failed badly and will hurt the profile of Bird, his club and the game.

So lets not forget who the vicitim is here and ensure the culprits cop all the blame.

By ricky

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