ray hadley off duty police shame bulldogs players ben roberts on 2gbThe Bulldogs who were apparently involved in a fight at a Cronulla nitespot have been named; Reni Maitua, Lee Te Maari and Ben Roberts have all been hung out to dry with their reputations taking a big hit after hitting the headlines.

While an anonymous caller has thrust the players into the spotlight, it’s extremely harsh that the Bulldogs are unable to defend their reputations and the other parties are spared the pressure of their names being dragged through the mud. It doesn’t matter if the anonymous caller to Ray Hadley was an off-duty Police officer or the Pope himself – no one is perfect and if this guy was genuine – then he should show his face.

As is so often the case these days, an ‘anonymous’ caller put the tip in to much maligned 2GB radio compare Ray Hadley who let the announcement run on air – leaving the Bulldogs players, regardless of their part in the events in the firing line. Catering for the senior citizens in the most part, 2GB has become a hotbed for accusations, anonymous tips and general mud to be slung around NRL Rugby League circles and seems to thrive on this fact.

The drams took place according to reports at the Sting Bar in central Cronulla; it’s believed the Bulldogs players including Maitua and others were kicked out by security at the popular club.

The witness to the incident who called Hadley, was a gentlemen claiming to be an off-duty Police force member, and his words on talkback radio were along the lines of Maitua “behaved like a caged lion trying to get back into the premises”.

After the story began hitting the press and airwaves, the Sting Bar security guard who was involved has played things down when chatting with News Limited: “There was a bit of push and shove inside, nothing much else.”

“It was enough for me to ask them to leave and they did.

“They didn’t make a fuss and followed instructions.

“I don’t know what went on outside.”

It was afterwards that the siutation blew up apparently. According to witnesses a Bulldogs player believed to be Roberts went over to the other party involved in the disagreement inside the club.

Roberts then allegedly accused him of being the instigator of the problems inside the club before warning the other party off.

The witness alleges he then left the area without any fight taking place.

Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg last night confirmed the club was investigating the claims.

“Should it prove to be correct, we are concerned about the manner of the complaint, but we are going to establish all the facts before we make any comment,” Greenberg said.

The Bulldogs have brought on board their own investigator to find out exactly what went on in Cronulla. His report is expected today.

The struggling Bulldogs didn’t need another blow up like this, even though it seems the players were antagonised by another party and then hung out to dry in the public by the 2GB anonymous caller – the players shouldn’t have put themselves close to the furnace by getting on the drink at a night club in enemy territory.

The club is struggling badly  in 15th place on the NRL ladder, and are in danger of wooden spoon territory with the Cowboys.

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