Brad Fittler talks about the NRL Salary Cap and Sonny Bill WilliamsSydney Roosters boss Brad Fittler has called on the NRL to move Sydney NRL clubs to regional centres – such as remote Queensland and the Central Coast – moves that may prolong the lives of some struggling NRL clubs.

With the Sonny Bill Williams saga throwing more uncertainty around the NRLs future, such as finances and the enforcing of the salary cap, Fittler said NRL officials need to now make the “tough decisions” or risk promoting a dying product in the years ahead.

At the moment, the NRL format includes 9 clubs in the centre of Sydney, and many feel it’s these clubs that are most likely to feel the pinch should there be any increase in the playing salary cap.

“We’ve got to take a stronger stance,” Fittler said.

“I don’t know the logistics of relocating a team from Sydney (but) I’m sure it’s only going to be for the good.

“We have say 8 or 9 teams around Sydney and even TV ratings in Sydney aren’t doing as well as in Brisbane.

“We’ve got strong locations in Queensland where we get huge followings and I don’t think we enforce the hard plans.

“Newcastle are well followed and I’m sure the Central Coast would do really well with the platform of infrastructutre they have there, I’m sure the Sunshine Coast too would be a stand-out.”

Fittler also commented on the Sonny Bill Williams saga, saying the SBW decision to go to French rugby is OK, but breaking a contract was not OK.

He also angrily refuted Sonny Bill Williams’s counter legal challenge on the NRL salary cap.

“Its a joke. Isnt SBW the highest paid NRL Player?” Fittler remarked.

“It ridicules the system.

“It’s a shame we can’t pay these players that sort of money but our game doesn’t allow that.

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