Born into the Eels family, Eric Grothe Jr may have finally done his dash at Parramatta.  Coach Michael Hagan is willing to show the under performing star the door. This week, Eric Grothe Jr was told that he was free to negotiate with other clubs even though his current contract still had a further two seasons remaining.

If Grothe is to leave the Eels, it will be the end of one of the teams great family ties.

Hagan spoke to Grothe’s manager and told him if there is on option out there worth looking at, he was happy for him to look into it.

Hagan’s move in releasing Grothe follows a number of defensive blunders that saw various teams run in 14 tries on Grothe’s wing during the first 12 rounds of the competition.  However, Hagan has said he is in no means trying to force Grothe out of the club.

Hagan believes he has given Grothe the option of having a look elsewhere and deciding whether he is interested in pursuing new avenues.  This may seem like an easy decision for Grothe who hasn’t played in first grade since round 12.

In outlining how a player can be signed for a 3 year deal and be offered a way out after only 12 months, Hagan points out Grothe’s defensive problems earlier in the season, together with the emergence of Joel Reddy and Taulima Tautai.

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