Each year, the Australian team who win the Grand Final travel to England to take on the English super league champions.  With the English team already well into their new season, their match fitness is definitely an advantage over the Australian side.  The Australian side coming away from the Grand Final and winding down at the end of their season don’t have sufficient preparation and are quite often beaten by the English side.  The result of this match does not give a clear indication of the talent of the Australian side and unfairly favours the English Club.  This is evident in the International League as the English team is clearly the less dominant force.

During the Test, the Australian team has sufficient preparation time and proves they are the best side at an International Level.  The competition level in the NRL is seen as the best in the world.  Manly English players would struggle to keep up the pace and perform at such a high level week in week out.  At the end of the season there will be newly formed International teams who will try and compete to be the best team in the world.  That team at the moment is Australia.

Being undefeated in 2 Kangaroo Tours clearly outlines our superiority over the England sides.

Australia, England and New Zealand are the only countries who play Rugby League at an international level and to a lesser extent Samoa, New Guinea and Tonga to be introduced this year.  With so few teams, this doesn’t suggest the “World” Cup title.  

A new concept could be introducing a cup challenge between the Australian teams and the English teams.  The World Cup Club Challenge (“WCCC”) would consist of groups of four.  Two sides from Australia and two from England with the New Zealand Warriors included. 

Similar to the Soccer World Cup, each club would play each other twice, one home game and one away game.  The top two teams from each group would then go on to meet other teams from the competition.

To be more successful, the WCCC would need to be played at the start of the NRL competition.  This means the NRL season would need to be shortened as the final winner of the WCCC would not be determined for a few months.  There would be a greater sense of pride and determination as the winner of the WCCC tried to take out both the NRL or the Super League double.

If both winning teams were from the same origin, neither home ground for either team would be selected, rather a stadium neutral to both.  If the winning teams were both an Australian team and an English team, for and against would then decide who gained the home ground advantage.

Being a World Cup Final there are quite a number of great venues to choose from.  The atmosphere at a stadium like Suncorp, ANZ or Wembley would be electric and attendance would equal that of the NRL Grand Final and more. 

If this concept was a success the WCCC would be best held every four years similar to Kangaroos in the past.

 Written by:  HateQld

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