Grant GoldmanControversial Brookvale Oval ground-announcer, 2SM’s Grant Goldman, has strict instructions from the NRL to ‘keep a lid on it’ or run the risk of being ‘hooked’ during commentary of the  Saturday night’s clash between Manly and the Dragons at Brookvale.

The NRL has apparently lined-up their own announcer for the Brookvale match and will step in and remove Goldman if he promotes the Sea Eagles.

While the NRL finals game is being played at Brookvale, all finals are classed as ‘neutral’ events and are run by the NRL.

Goldman, a radio announcer for Sydney stations 2SM, added more fuel to the fire saying “The announcement and PA system at Brookvale is owned by me” and if he was hooked mid-game, he would take the equipment home with him. Certainly a case of ‘Taking your bat and ball – then heading home!’ so the NRL might have a problem if things get out of hand in the comm box.

“They are treating me like an absolute idiot.” said Goldman

“I know when I am supposed to be even-handed. They are saying I have no ability to handle the situation. I’m very dirty.

“I’ll go home. And I’ll take all the equipment too. There’s no PA system at Brookvale, its my own equipment I take in. I’ll take it home with me.”

Saints boss Peter Doust chimed in: “The ground announcer at Manly has a certain reputation. The NRL goes to great lengths to ensure neutrality apart from location and that is the way it should be.”

Manly chief executive Grant Mayer is hoping there will be no dramas, saying: “He could be the first ground announcer in 100 years of rugby league hooked mid-game. From what I’m hearing the NRL is serious about this.”

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