Wayne BennettBroncos veteran clipboard man Wayne Bennett says the dramas that have engulfed the Broncos off the field this week have not reduced their focus from their elimination final against Melbourne this weekend.

Departing the Red Hill based club after 21 years, coach Wayne Bennett said it was absolutely business as usual for the in-form side.

“We just get on with life here,” muttered Bennett.

“It’s happened to us in the past, I’m sure it will happen in the future, we just get on with life.”

“I have no control about how I leave the Broncos …I am more than happy with my time here and what I have done.”

Unhappy with the medias coverage of the Darren Lockyer affair, saying outlets were simply “flogging a dead horse”.

The Lockyer affair gaining momentum after footage was aired on TV this week, showing events surrounding a Brisbane bar on September 6, alleging Lockyer was up to no good – an allegation Lockyer and the Broncos strongly refute. It certainly seems odd, that thebar owner would only suddenly come forward after the Hunt, Thaiday and Boyd affair took centre stage.

“It was just a lot of muck-raking, and it was quite unnecessary,” Bennett grumbled.

Bennett also confirmed, he hadn’t even looked at the CCTV footage screened on TV – preferring to back his captain 100%.

When asked about the alleged sexual assault, Bennett said all that could be done – was the Broncos must assist Police where possible.

“They’ve done their police interviews, it’s all over for us,” he said.

“There’s nothing we can do until we get some indication from the police about what direction they are going.”

As the Broncos prepare to face the Storm this weekend in whats shaping as a Grand Final come early – many are eager to see if the events surrounding Brisbane unite the side in a ‘siege’ style mentality; similar to that achieved by Cronulla recently after the Bird affair or whether the week of turmoil will defocus the Bennett coached side.

The home ground advantage is sure to help, with the home side certain to have an ‘origin’ style atmosphere as the Queenslanders come out in numbers to ride their team home

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