Jamie Peacock Super League Family Held Thailand ProtestsA nervous and anxious England rugby league captain Jamie Peacock will remain on edge as his his family continues to be stranded in Bangkok due to anti-government protests keeping Thailand and it’s major airport in lock-down. Making matters worse, Peacocks wife is in advanced stages of pregnancy – adding to the tension of the situation.

The leading UK Rugby League forward is nervously awaiting a safe return of his clan to England including his 4-year-old son Lewis and his wifes mothers after protesters have forced the closure of the countries major airport.

Originally due back in country on the Monday but have now been caught up in the growing Thai political situation.

“They have now effectively been held hostage for three days,” Peacock confirmed with media outlets in his home country.

“It’s rather frustrating to be honest and I’m worrying as well.

“I am also very worried the stress of this all could bring on an early labour – we only managed to conceive the second time due to IVF treatment.

“What if my wife has to give birth in Bangkok?”

Things don’t look like ending anytime soon, with protesters in Thailand refusing to negotiate at this stage.

Leaders from the People’s Alliance for Democracy have apparently said, they will only agree to negotiations if Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat steps down from his post.

Peacock said some comfort was had in knowing his family were able to establish new, temporary accommodation in Bangkok – not far from the airport, but obviously its only small comfort for the worried husband and father.

“The protesters are effectively holding hostage thousands of innocent people,” Peacock said.

“My wife needs to return to England to have an injection (for her pregnancy) immediately, having missed the appointment in England yesterday.

“These protesters are kidding themselves if they feel this protest is peaceful and harmless.

“What do my family have to do with the politics of Thailand?”

“I think the story has gone under (the radar) a little bit and more of an effort needs to be made to get all the people who are stuck there out of there, because the country is on the brink of a lot of trouble,” he said.

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