Bulldogs sack axe Brad ClydeThe Bulldogs have yesterday claimed Brad Clyde was sacked from his Bulldogs marketing and management position.

In a surprising move; the club have initially claimed Clyde was forced from his position – yet they have in the same breath sung the praises of the well-liked League personality.

Quite honestly, the Bulldogs need to come out and actually say why; if he was indeed sacked the reasons for the chop? If he was axed, reasons should be provided as to why – otherwise don’t butter it up and wave smiling as the 8 year club man leaves Belmore with bags packed.

Clyde, 38, is currently on vacation and was apparently informed of his fate while away. Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg admitted last night the club and Clyde had parted and officials have started searching for a replacement. “It is with regret that we can confirm the departure of Bradley Clyde,” Greenberg told the media.

“He really is a top bloke and has been a great servant to this club. “He has had seven challenging years here and Bradley is looking to explore new directions. He’s also looking to complete his masters of sports management degree. “We really do wish Bradley well in his future endeavours.” T

The Bulldogs had hinted at a sharper, more tight knit unit for 2009 – it’s hard to see without clear reasoning why sacking Clyde was a smart move. Some corners suggest that Clyde was simply another victim of the mass clean out thats taken place at Belmore – as the club tries hard to give the place a totally fresh outlook.

Clyde was unavailable for comment last night. Clyde made his name in Canberra, with 178 games for The Green Machinea between 1988 and 1998 before linking with the Canterbury Bulldogs, where he totalled 36 first-grade games in 1999 and 2000.

Soon after hanging up the boots, Clyde joined the Belmore office in a marketing capacity.

With his distinguished playing recording, and strong connections in the Rugby League community – few expect Clyde to be on the sidelines for long. It will only be a matter of time before the League icon will provide his expertise to another NRL club.

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