Peter Bullfrog MooreAsk most footballers and they will tell you they don’t believe in ghosts. But have a chat with Australian Test prop Steve Price and he thinks much differently after he claims to have had a message from the deceased Bulldog boss Peter “Bullfrog” Moore at least 3 times since the personalities death 9 years ago.

Discussed in his new book; Be Your Best – Price talks about a psychic reading where Moore past on messages to him in 2002 predicting the Bulldogs salary cap scandal – in advance.

“I’ve always believed that there is more to life than meets the eye – that when we die it’s not necessarily the end of the road,” Price says.

“I’m not a religious person and I don’t go to church every week but I do believe that there is something else out there. That belief has only been strengthened by a series of strange but undeniable incidents that have taken place over the past decade or so. And none of them blew me away to quite the same extent as an email I received from Mum in 2002.

“Not long after Peter Moore passed, Mum called to tell me about a conversation she’d had with a friend of hers. He had often spoken to her about his psychic abilities … one day he said to Mum, ‘I’ve had an experience that’s to do with Steven.’ He went home that night and wrote out the conversation for her and after reading through it, she really didn’t know whether to tell me about it or not.”

Soon after, Price got a message from his mum which really spooked him:

The message said Moore had “important things regarding both me and the club”.

“When I read through what he had written I was taken aback – even though I wasn’t completely sure what he was referring to at the time. His knowledge of the personal relationships I had with Peter and others was incredible. I couldn’t discount it.”

In the book, Price goes into detail about the message and the information it contained. The first contact came not long after the death of Bullfrog in 2000; then 2 years later when the salary cap saga was about to break in 2002 and then just before Price linked with the Warriors in 2005. Price said they were simply “scary in their accuracy.”

In his new book Be Your Best – Price goes into specifics about the second contact with Moore. The psychic is “Friend” and Price is strongly of the belief that the contact and messages are from Moore.

Friend: “Is it still possible to speak to “Bullfrog” Peter Moore?

Response: “No he is in too far. I can speak to you.”

Friend: “Who are you?”

Response” “Dafid. I am Welsh. I speak as though I am him.”

Friend: “OK. Is there anything Peter would like to tell me?”

Response: “He does want to give a message to young Dogs. Is that the right name?”

Friend: “Yes. What is the message?”

Response: “Do not despair. Just cop it on the chin. Do that for the team and for yourself. Nothing else matters but the survival of the club. Let this be a lesson to you all. No one is mightier than the game – no player, no club. From this a greater club will rise. Take a moment to reflect on the consequences of your actions. You almost destroyed the club – my beloved Dogs. Hold onto the principles of being a true Dog. I am saddened that money counted most. You have been led along that path.”

Friend: “What are the principles to hold onto? Do they know?”

Response: “The Dogs come first. You must make sacrifices for the survival of the club. I am glad to be able to talk to you. I can’t for much longer though, there is no such thing as time here.”

Friend: “Any message for Steve Price?”

Response: “Son, you face a far greater test than on the field. I know that you can come through with both your credibility and honour intact. Remember everything we talked about … let the players decide if they are just players or Dogs.”

Friend: “In what way?”

Response: “Money or honour.”

Friend: “Anything for anyone else?”

Response: “There are two Steves. Pricey, I taught you what it means to be a Dog. Everything I taught you will bear fruit now. Separate the grain from the chaff. I don’t remember everything and soon there will be nothing, so you remember.”

Friend: “Who is the other Steve? Steve Folkes?”

Response: “No, Steve Mortimer. You have taken on a great burden. The path is not easy, mate, but you are up to the task. Now for the club.”

Friend: “You have a message for the club?”

Response: “If they will believe what you’re doing, stick with the boys. Remember the Bulldogs spirit. A Bulldog led London from the ashes of near defeat. This is the Bulldogs spirit. You can do the same. Think of what I am saying and rally around the Bulldogs. The chaff will go, Dogs will be left. Take heed of the lessons and go on to victory next year. Be brave my Dogs … Pricey, son, let go of the past and go forward. Do not forget me but build on what I taught you. You will still have a mighty team. I can’t tell you the future, I don’t know mine. Go for it son, you are on a winner. Dogs a winner.”

Friend: “Anything else?”

Response: “Just build up from the ashes and be great again. Take your time and be careful who you let in this time. There are people who could not give a stuff about the club other than what they can get out of it – money, prestige or both. Stick to those that stand by your shoulder. Well, that’s everyone. Remember me and all I’ve stood for, the mighty Dogs. They and family were my life on earth.”

Not long after this message was discussed, the Bulldogs were then front page news after the breaking of the salary cap scandal. To follow was the $500,000 and the NRL wooden spoon, not to mention the shake up in personnel about to be undertaken.

Soon after, former champion player Steve Mortimer came to power as chief executive at Belmore. Price was left to fight for his reputation and that of his former club as headlines continue to engulf the once family oriented and proud club.

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