Michael ‘Mick’ CrockerThe Melbourne Storm club were forced to release a statement on behalf of former player Mick Crocker, after media reports suggested he could return to the National Rugby League.

In another example of rumour reporting by local media outlets, sources suggested that after initially being denied a visa to enter the UK – Crocker could return to play NRL after his Super League option appeared blocked.

However, Crocker and his management through the Storm press released have indicated they will appeal the initial rejection of his visa by UK officials and push ahead with his plans to play in the Super League with Hull.

NRL News received the following press statement from the Storm club earlier today –

“Amid incorrect statements that have been circulating on the matter of my playing future this is the only official statement I will be issuing.
Despite rumours and misreports that have been circulating I am under no circumstances retiring from professional rugby league.”

“I look forward to playing in the 2009 season and beyond and I am not negotiating with any NRL clubs at this stage.
I am entirely focused on my visa application for England to play for Hull FC.  We have accepted the offer from the British Consulate to appeal the initial visa refusal.
I do not wish to jeopardise my appeal with any incorrect media reports regarding my playing future or early retirement.”

Crocker is not alone in his visa application problems, former NRL stars Todd Carney and now Greg Bird are believed to be headed down a similar path – with Super League clubs scrambling to assist the players in getting through the gate as their season is about to get underway for 2009

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