Eric Grothe JuniorThe introduction of Daniel Anderson at Parramatta seems to be having a positive effect on former disciple Eric Grothe Jnr. A forgotten man during the 2008 NRL season, Grothe has apprently trained well during the off-season and will get his shot at the flanking position left vacant by Tony Williams.

Anderson has been involved with Grothe Jnr before, mentoring the flyer in the junior grades nearly 14 years ago.

A naturally gifted player, blessed with speed and strength – Grothe Jnr has probably only had to put in half the work most aspiring players give; such is his pedigree, the Eels winger has had the world at his feet for so long – but is the desire still there?

After being dropped to park football during the 2008 season, some sources suggesting a lack of focus at training and a host of other interests were killing off his career in the NRL. However, after refusing to quit the Eels late last season and now the introduction of Anderson as head coach – the ingredients are there for Grothe to return to his try scoring best.

“His attitude’s been first class since I got here,” Anderson confirmed.

“I’ve known Eric for a long time, I coached him when he was 14 and I’ve got a bit of a history with him.

“I don’t know, if that lent itself to anything but he’s pretty comfortable with me.

“He’s trained exceptionally well during the off-season, very, very well.”

While Eels fans have long known the potential and the frustrations around the Eric Grothe career; outsiders were given a glimpse when the powerful winger casually missed representative requirements and angered officials after turning up late for medicals and train on squads.After the boom debut of 2008 winger Tony Williams, the future looked bleak for Grothe – but after Williams packed his bags for Manly its left the door open for the Eels veteran.

After seeing both sides of the coin in 2008 and possibly realising his career hasn’t much longer to run; theres every chance Eric Grothe Jnr could seize the opportunity and comeback with avengence this season. A player oozing with ability, it would be a sad memory for him to look back and think “What might have been?” – the Guru now looks set to get another shot and yet may prove better for the experience.

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