Matt Head Dragons 2009 trial preseason roostersSt George Illawarra have named a host of stars, including former halfback Mathew Head to take on the Sydney Roosters in Perth.

With Ben Hornby still injured, it’s the ultimate launch pad for Head who will slip into the Red Vee for the first time since 2007.

Head will partner Jamie Soward and if the pair show promise, the partnership could extend into the NRL early season rounds.

With injuries seemingly the biggest enemy for Head, his management under Bennett could yet prove powerful. The experienced coach showing in the past he has an ability to ‘manage’ players with potential injury problems and should give Head all the protection and opportunity he needs.

“It has been a long pre-season so everyone is just itching to get out there and play,” Head said.

“I’m really excited to start the season with the number seven on my back and I am looking forward to playing again with the Dragons.”

Along with Head, Bennett has thrown Matt Cooper and Wendell Sailor into the line-up to face the Roosters, along with new recruits Jeremy Smith, Luke Priddis and Darius Boyd who will start on the sidelines with workaholic forward Ben Creagh.

“The players are certainly keen to get out there and play and everyone will be getting an opportunity,” Bennett said.

“I won’t be looking for anything in particular out of the game, it is really about the players getting some match fitness and working on timing and cohesion.”

Team-: Brett Morris, Michael Lett, Chase Stanley, Matt Cooper, Wendell Sailor, Jamie Soward, Mathew Head, Justin Poore, Dean Young, Michael Weyman, Beau Scott, Jarrod Saffy, Matt Prior. Interchange: Jon Green, Dan Hunt, Luke Priddis, Ricky Thorby, Ben Creagh, Jason Nightingale, Darius Boyd, Jeremy Smith.

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