Jeremy Smith Dragons NRLWhether they are good or bad headlines, get set to hear alot more about Jeremy Smith in the 2009 Rugby League headlines.

The former Melbourne Storm star has linked with the St George Illawarra Dragons for this season and there is no question, new coach Wayne Bennett has recruited the tough Smith for his aggression and his take no prisioners attitude on the NRL field.

New Zealand International Smith has quickly built a ‘don’t argue’ reputation on the Rugby League field and always takes to his job at 100 miles an hour. Former Storm teammate Jeff Lima confirming today, that Smith will certainly figure in the headlines this season.

Lima had no doubts that Smith will add muscle to the Dragons pack and believes his former teammate will encourage a strong bond amongst the forwards, motivating them to new heights. Lima also made mention of the fact that Smith will stand-by his teammates at any cost, a guy you can count on to ‘watch your back’ said Lima.

Such is the passion, aggression and the dynamic nature of Jeremy Smith – it seems he could hit the headlines as a genuine star in 2009 or quite possibly a time bomb that might explode judging by his on-field actions. You only have to look at his showing in the recent Charity Shield, he hadn’t curbed his feisty attitude from his Melbourne days and as things went against the Dragons he only got more fired up.

Smith seems to have no hesitation in pushing the boundaries on the field, whether it be an aggressive hit or an annoying facial to an opponent during a tackle – he will frustrate the opposing player to no end and almost encourage a response from his enemies.

It’s highly likely he has been given a task to harden up the image of the Dragons forwards and this has set the scene for classic theatre for League fans, it will only take a small reaction from an opponent to take situation to a whole new level. Will we see Smith with his name in lights in 09 as the Dragons forward who led them from the depths of softness? Or the man who went too far and copped heavy penalties, harming his teams chances and leaving them short at a crucial time?

Only time will tell, but watch this space – such is the makeup of Jeremy Smith, that this guy is set for headlines in 2009; we just don’t know of which nature just yet.

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