Panthers NRLThe Penrith Panthers after initially saying they wouldn’t chase, have asked the NRL for the 2 competition points docked from the Bulldogs be awarded to them instead.

After a bungled interchange where 14 men were on the field, the NRL correctly issued the Bulldogs with a breach notice and advised them the competition points would be removed.

The Bulldogs after scoring a last ditch try to win the game in the final moments, at which time the additional man was in play.

The Bulldogs agreed they made the error but are appealing the severity of the charge.

The NRL had previously said the Panthers are not entitled to get the points if the Bulldogs’ appeal is unsuccessful, however the Panthers now seem intent on chasing the points.

Because of the close result of the game, a game in which the Panthers were winning until the bungled interchange took place – they seem to have some grounds for launching a request. Had the interchange been done correctly, the Panthers would be defending against less men – with Ennis down injured, it would only be a 12 man attacking line. This situation allowing the Panthers line defenders to compress and also cover more ground easily, if needed.

The Panthers suggested that if the situation occurred in a Semi-Final or Grand Final of the NRL – the team that lost the match would be awarded the win if there was a bungled interchange. Thus, why can’t they have the 2 competition points.

And boy don’t they need the points, after losing Rounds 1 and 2 so far – the Panthers now trek to Brookvale to face an equally desperate Manly outfit.

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One thought on “Panthers now want the 2 points”
  1. bulldogs should not lose the two points because there was no chane for the panthers to win and thay should not get the points panthers should not get the points because thay dident win

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