Percy Le BlancIt was do or die time for the NRL Footy Show on Channel 9 this year, but so far it seems they have over achieved – reviving the previously tired show with a new format that is slowly winning back the true Rugby League fans.

Finally, someone at the network listened.

The viewers were crying out for a more serious analysis of the NRL and less ‘Hey, Hey its Saturday!’ comedy skits.

And it wasn’t just the Australian viewing public who were switching off, many forget that New Zealand were originally strong supporters of this show too – and they seem to be showing the thumbs up so far also.

With the addition of the astute Andrew Voss for this year, the new NRL Footy Show instantly gained some credibility and provides a good insight and review of the previous rounds Rugby League. The other regular new face on the panel is the Sydney Morning Herald’s Jacquelin Magnay, who has also done a good job and slotted in well with the team.

On top of reviewing all the outcomes from NRL games, the new segments covering top tries, past eras and the added commentary from leading players rotating through the panel have proven to be a winning combination. Not only is the panel giving tips and predictions on upcoming games, they are showing much more actual NRL footage and discussing it as they should.

The transformation has been very impressive, even Vautin and Johns have worked hard to keep their minds on the job – trying to retain focus on the game for the most past and so far, all the big issues have been covered and discussed.

With guest panel spots being chaired by Russell Crowe, Benji Marshall, Nathan Hindmarsh and Trent Barrett all of which have been impressive – it looks like the format has been re-invented successfully and could live on past this season. Getting Crowe in for the initial guest spot was a masterstroke, his knowledge of the game surprised many and he added plenty of value to the show – which immediately set the tone for the year.

But apart from their new focus on the NRL, it seems the small segment on comedy has also proven to be a winner. Gone are the segments that sometimes made the show look like ‘It’s a Knockout’ and in comes a segment featuring ‘Percy Le Blanc’.

Le Blanc – who bears an uncanny resemblance to Matthew Johns, Reg Reagan and Trent the flight steward – has taken the show by storm this year. Before that, he claimed to be a top whistleblower, but lost his job and disappeared after punching players during a rugby league game brawl in 1978. Le Blanc (Johns) took his new alter ego to Sydney’s CBD and Bondi fooling around with tourists and locals alike – ultimately having the viewing audience in stitches.

It seems the NRL Footy Show has got the balance just right.

The real advances have been made in the alignment and promotion of the NRL game itself. In conjunction with the NRL, the Footy Show has now launched a ‘Get Dressed Up for NRL Games’ theme – incenting fans to get into fancy dress themes as they attend matches, with the best dressed getting air-time on the weekly show. This theme has worked well for cricket and other sports in the past and the NRL along with the Footy Show are hoping to duplicate the success.

And finally, the NRL Footy Show has worked hard to increase memberships for the NRL. Advising people on the options available and the impressive cost structures now in place, as clubs struggle financially – now is the ideal time to support your own club by becoming a member. You can join immediately by clicking here to select your club and supporter level.

So good form from the boys early, lets hope they can continue it well into the 2009 NRL year.

By ricky

10 thoughts on “Channel 9 Footy Show getting it right”

  2. Andrew Voss is a loudmouth and wants to takeover the whole show ,get rid of him.Always butting in if he is the face of nine then I am watching HD one as this bloke is painful.

  3. As a former fan of the NRL footy show, I have to ask, are the channel nine bosses intent on destroying this show too?
    What is happening at this channel ?. After growing up with and enjoying most things ‘nine’ did since it began, I can only say now the thoughts of most everyone I talk too, is that it has taken a big nose dive.

    No one seems to have any idea what they are doing in show selection, time scheduals, or how a particular show format should run.

    If you can’t work it out , ask the public!, Listen to your viewers and take steps to correct your mistakes before it is too late.

    Run on time.
    Bring back ‘Fringe’
    Most of all get the NRL footy show right. People watch it for light harted and informative footy fun. You were more on track last season.

  4. hi paddy fatty im so sadden for matty johns and his family. The sharks just show me yet again what cowards they are by hiding behid mattys loyalty for rugby league players as the sharks sit there and say NOTHING Barry peirce needs to take a long hard look at himself. I was a shark supporter since 1967 but now i follow the rabbits as i see them as a team not a bunch of individuals trying to score on their own .I am sorry if this looks like im going from one thing to another but i feel very very sorry for matty and hope he and his family can get through this ordeal in one peice thankyou mary from newcastle

  5. hold your head up high matty johns we all love you and support YOU

  6. bring matty back the footy show is nothing without him and nrl bosses should sack hunt and etc for there so called actions against females and other shark players should step up and not allow matty to take all the blame, the two footy players that was going to the room with her should come forward and this b&#%$*^ should learn to keep her legs closed. What was she expecting anyway ?? COFFEE, TEA she wanted sex with a player she got sex with a player. A FEMALE FAN OF FOOTY

  7. whats wrong with the footy show?
    that woman on the panel!!!
    who is she? whats she got to do with anything?
    She’s just trying to make a name for herself.
    I have been watching the footy show ever since it started, and this is the worst year ever!, I normally have always waited all week with anticipation for thursday night to watch the show. now I only watch it out of habit and that woman ruins it!!!

    get her OFF OFF OFF!!!

    ( p.s. i am female so it’s got nothing to do with gender hating)

  8. after the game last night get rid of the nsw selectors and the coach,after watching the game for 20mis we will never win a series over queensland if they keep useing the same selectors for nsw year after year we can kiss our arse good bye.

  9. For the love of God, get rid of Andrew Voss.

    His jokes are DRY and KRUSTY!

    Are they trying to replace Fatty with Bossy Vossy?!

    Please channel 9, Andrew Voss will create worldwide riots just from the sound of his annoying voice.

    In Matty John’s comes back onto the Footy Show, I believe that Fatty would lighten up once again and the show would be onits way to recovery..

    But PLEEEASE… Andrew Voss needs to GOOOO!

  10. Everywhere there is Rugby League news or Sport there is Andrew Voss. My husband and I are over him. He big-notes himself too much. You can even notice his co-commentators get fed up with his comments, they are all going to run away and Voss will commentate channel nine sports by himself soon. Maybe that’s what he is hoping for. Channel nine he gets on our nerves.

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