NRL expansionAs the AFL code moves to secure new territory around the Gold Coast region, NRL boss David Gallop got on the front foot and claimed the NRL would be looking at expansion as soon as 2011. Many felt 2012 would be first time expansion would be realised, however Gallops latest comments suggest we could be seeing new NRL faces sooner rather than later.

Leading contenders for a new NRL franchise are The Central Coast, Perth, Wellington, Adelaide and south-east Queensland will all have to get their proposals in order in much quicker time than expected. These four spots have been flagged as the leading contenters for future NRL sides.

North Sydney, the club that folded after a failed merger with Manly have been extremely active through former star Greg Florimo, the old club is looking at new avenues to re-enter the competition and have been in constant talks with the NRL and have a detailed bid in relation to kicking-off once more, this time from the Central Coast.

The Perth region is also known to be well down the track in formalising a bid for entry into the NRL. The move will take the AFL aback, as the rival codes begin their quest to conquer new territory.

“The next big commercial gain for the game will be around the new TV rights deal for 2013 onwards and while the focus between now and then is on existing clubs, there is a good possibility after 2012 we would be looking at expansion,” Gallop said.

The new TV deal means a large influx of money for the NRL code and by having additional regions tapped into the League, it could see more money paid for the overall TV coverage into new areas.

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