Matt Johns NRL Channel 9 Sacking Future Uncertain Sex ScandalChannel 9 personality Matt Johns looks set to lose his position at the leading Rugby League TV station, the media frenzy and on-going focus following the ABC Four Corners report proving such a force, that there appears no other alternative for the prominent League icon.

There has been furious debate on both sides of the fence for this particular situation, a strong media focus not only in Australia but in New Zealand too where the incident ocurred many years ago and the NRL Footy Show is also a popular institution.

The Four Corners report featuring the female at the centre of the incident; has told of how the female has looked to harm herself and has continually struggled to recover from the incident that occurred 7 years ago with Cronulla Sharks players in New Zealand. The documentary report while suggesting ‘nothing illegal’ happened during the events in New Zealand, certainly painted a poor picture of Rugby League players and their unacceptable antics.

The report forced an immediate press release from NRL boss David Gallop, who claimed the treatment of females has been unacceptable and went on to suggest that the position of Matt Johns at Channel 9 should be in doubt. With recent events involving Rugby League players, the reponse from Gallop was much needed and the National Rugby League did the right thing getting on the front foot.

But there was fierce support for Johns from other corners, with suggestions that the former NRL player at all times had consentual sex with the female. His mistake was being dishonest to his family, something that Johns had sought to immediately repair following the incident many years ago. With the events being reported again this past few weeks, Johns looks set not only to lose his job but face more pressure surrounding his marriage and family.

While there can be no condoning what took place by Cronulla players during this incident, there remains some big questions over the events;

* Why did the female return to the players hotel of her own accord with at least 2 of the players that night?

* Why did the female not say ‘No’ to physical contact or suggest to leave at any point; prior or during the night?

* Why did the female not immediately report events, rather than waiting a week to contact authorities?

* Why has the female chosen to air the events some 7 years later in the media?

Regardless, the position of Johns seems impossible at Channel 9. Despite his ability, both as a comedian and commentator, his position as virtually the ‘face’ of NRL cannot continue under the current cloud. Even his strong personal relationships with Channel 9 powerbrokers appear to be tested as they grill the star today over his future at the helm.

For Rugby League players, who are undergoing intense training on how to deal with their status in the community and how to treat women in the right manner, still face a tightrope walk when faced with intimate relations with a female.

While their previous actions of group activity and disrepectful behaviour are horrible and at no point are acceptable, many that are doing the right thing are faced with some corners of the public willing to make money, or achieve media fame by taking stories to the press. It’s believed that many NRL players are now taking to ‘recording’ consent using their mobile phone prior to going home with a female.

The players fearing that anything less than a recorded video on their mobile phones, could see them on TV as the next problem child of the code.

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7 thoughts on “Matt Johns looks set to lose TV position”
  1. The Tracey Grimshaw interview on ACA made me sick to the stomach!! Who does she think she is? My full support goes to Matt Johns and his wife and I believe that they should be left alone. This was dealt with the police and family 7 years ago. The family suffered then and now they are being made to suffer all over again…for what?…making this public is not going to change anything. I am sick of these stupid girls having their night in the sack and then regretting it in the morning!…This sort of thing happens all over society…Crucifying the Johns family will not help the situation …The Footy Show should have stood by Matt Johns for his honesty to his family and facing the consequences 7 years ago…not contributing for the renewed stress to the family which is now not only emotinal but financial….Go Matt…I still support you as does my family. We are a Rugby League family and know what goes on and has gone on for many many years…stop the girls prostituting themselves and preying on drunk players who don’t know what they are doing….perhaps the answer is education on alcohol and mateship in looking after each other and protecting themselves from these piranhas!!

  2. Well done , I think you need to take this to court , As I think there is alot more to this than you might think. So I think also you need to interview the rest of the teams on that night.
    My heart feels for this young woman and I know we all need to look in to this.
    And I think you did the right thing on this matter ,
    Shame on the you Johns you have lost me Buddy.
    Lets hope things change on this matter.
    David Moody

  3. i agree…who does Tracy Grimshaw think she is..her contract with channel 9 should be terminated…it happened in 2002 and it was a stupid act…everybody does something they regret sometime in their life..IT WASNT A CRIME….i dont think he should be punished for something he done in 2002.

  4. I do not accept the way Matty Johns has been treated. This is not a crime and the girl wanted the this to be opened is stupid as she wanted what she got. All the years ago. So why is she accusing him as she got what she asked for . Leave him alone. He does not deserve this at all.

  5. give the poor man a break! ,the girl went into that room expecting to have sex with someone in that room that night! wheres all the other players involved?..i’m not saying that what they did was right! but what i am saying? is would she have gone into the room willingly if it wasnt matty johns & his team? be diffrent if she went in against her will or forced into the room! chin up matty

  6. What justification does Channel Nine have to air such grievances. Do they not already support the NRL in every aspect? I question the relationship that would cause such a ruction; such a management oversight in a relationship that has for so many years been so strong. Is Channel Nine answerable for such publicity?

    As a sports commentator, can I suggest they have lost the plot

  7. Maybe Matty Johns could have a second chance. I think everyone involved has made one big regrettable mistake, including the girl involved. Matty is paying for that mistake enormously!! maybe to extent of losing his family, career. What they all did was wrong, probably a combination of youth and alcohol!! Channel nine, its the people who watch your show, maybe they can be the one’s who decide whether Matty should go or stay!!!. Or have the viewers had a say? I am not patting Matt on the back, but this awful act has happened, past, gone and now only lessons can be learn’t from it. I do hope Matt comes out of this a much wiser person and the same to all the others involved. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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