Sharks Teammate Rats and Moles on Matt Johns regarding Christchurch NRL AffairA statement from the ABC Four Corners program has suggested that a former Sharks teammate gave them the explosive story on the group-sex situation that took place in the Christchurch Hotel room.

According to the Four Corners program, they were building up to a Rugby League documentary along only similar story lines when given the scoop by a Sharks player, suggesting they actually ‘stumbled’ on the main story when interviewing for something else.

It’s an interesting update to a story that has torn the Rugby League code apart, some sources were suggesting that there may have been more motive behind the story breaking. While the ABC wouldn’t have paid anyone to come forward, some suggested that former enemies of Matt Johns or potentially an enemy of the Sharks club may have come forward anonymously or enticed the female involved to come forward – however these are all speculation at this stage.

It’s a truly sad state of affairs if this has happened, the life and career of Matt Johns in tatters and a former teammate potentially surfacing to set him up in a major way.

While the pressure on other players to come forward seems ridiculous given the way Johns was treated, there may be more of a push to weed out the former player who dropped the bombshell.

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