Timana Tahu rejoins Rugby League signs NRL Parramatta EelsThe return of Rugby League old boys continues, as Timana Tahu today agreed to return to the NRL with the Parramatta Eels on a 3 year deal.

Tahu left the Eels in 2007 after several successful seasons with the western Sydney NRL club. The outside back proved an irresistable link with rookies Hayne and Inu at the time – Parramatta missing the Grand Final by a single game and pushing the eventual Premiers the Melbourne Storm all the way.

An Australian Rugby League and State of Origin representative, Tahu has achieved virtually everything in League and wanted to test the waters in union. As was the case with other high profile League to Union converts; Rogers, Sailor and Tiquiri – they have all left the Rah Rah ranks.

Tahu would surely have been frustrated with the lack of game time and quality ball he saw with the NSW Warratahs and some believe the culture shock or at least culture difference between players in both codes is miles apart.

The training regime for Union players is a lot less intense and this is seeing most League players choose to go to Union at the end of their careers to simply prolong their earning potential. It seems the lure of the Wallabies has certainly dimmed somewhat also, many originally being tempted by the so-called ‘World Game’ – however, this isn’t all its cracked up to be – with crowds and game entertainment in the Rah Rah ranks dropping below par in recent times.

The signing of Tahu will certainly help the Eels, the Parramatta club had already nabbed big names Justin Poore and Shane Shackelton for 2010; and are chasing the signature of boom player Jarryd Hayne for an extended period. The signing of Tahu will no doubt help in securing Hayne – as both players worked extremely well together and by linking once more, could not only assist the club but boost each others earning potential.

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One thought on “Eels bring Tahu back to fold”
  1. Whoever wrote this one-eyed article is obviously a loyal rugby league fan . . . it’s a wonder that this moron was even able to put the required words to paper.

    What is it about rugby league affiliated persons that makes them feel obliged to bad mouth rugby? It’s almost as though you people know that you are supporting a dying game and have an inferiority complex against rugby. When was the last time that a rugby personality / journalist even made a negative comment about league? I don’t think that any comments have ever come from the rugby corner regarding league’s ongoing off field dramas. We have never made fun of the fact that your game is full of brainless rapists that deficate in hotels after urinating in public spaces.

    Get over your jealousy of rugby and accept the fact that OUR game is the more globally accepted game and that league will implode in due course to your player’s lobotomized off field actions.

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