Justin Hodges Queensland State of Origin 3 2009Even the Queensland faithful are beginning to admit just how much they dislike wayward League star Justin Hodges. This week, arguably one of the Maroons most passionate players – Billy Moore, has come out and shown his disgust and disappointment at the way Hodges carries on, the talented centre showing his true colours most recently in State of Origin 3.

Hodges has always been a sledger. One of the most disliked, disrespected players in the NRL by both his peers and spectators – sadly Hodges’ amazing talent has continued to be overshadowed by his ridiculous and laughable behaviour.

Moore; has been one of the first from North of the border to publically admit dislike and disrespect for Hodges – with the former North Sydney and Queensland Origin icon saying he wished a NSW player would have stepped up and placed one on the chin of Hodges after he invited trouble in Origin 3.

It seems in the past 18 months Hodges has reverted to the height of his sledging days; last seen when he was at the Sydney Roosters several years ago.

After the breakdown of a relationship and the eventual implosion of his career at Bondi, former mentor Wayne Bennett dragged the star back to Brisbane and attempted to remould the player and did initially have some degree of success. Bennett continued to ask Hodges why he carries on like a pork chop on the field.

Coach Wayne Bennett was miffed as to why Hodges bombarded opposing players and even referees with abuse, at times so consistently that Hodges preferred to lose focus on the game – just to carry on his tirade.

It seems with the new coaching establishment at the Broncos, Hodges has reverted back to his absolute worst. I mean this guy just about has an advertising board on him 24/7 saying – please, hit me hard.

It’s seemingly only a matter of time before Hodges cops a barrage of attention, if he pokes and prods at the wrong player.

The player that continues to hurl abuse, pat opposition players on the head regularly and generally casts our minds back to the likes of John Hopoate. What we may have here is a person that has some problems in the background that may be causing him to act in such a way?

Insiders close to the Queensland Origin camp leaked info relating to Hodges prior to Game 3, it was alleged that Hodges was out at Jupiters Casino until 4-5am on the Tuesday morning before the game and consuming alcohol with a small group of teammates.

Whats such a shame is that Hodges has the chance to remembered as one of the more talented players in the NRL Rugby League ranks. Just look at his attempted try in Origin 3, while denied it looked spectacular and this is just a snippet of the talent this guy has.

But there is no question; this elusive centre that has representated State and Country will seemingly always be remembered as a smart arse Goose (SAG) – even by those on his side of the border.

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