Eels Luke Burt deal signing transferVeteran Eels utility Luke Burt has been the latest Parramatta player subject to transfer discussion after initial focus centred around Kris Inu being shopped around to free up salary cap dollars for the Western Sydney club.

Burt debuted for the Eels in 1999 as an 18 year old, his classy play and long blonde locks earning comparisons with former Eels – Peter Sterling and Paul Taylor.

Establishing himself as a fullback, Burt had on-going battles with the likes of Clinton Schifcofske, Wade McKinnon and even the man some say Burt is very similar to Brett Hodgson.

A one club man, Burt looks likely to be squeezed out of the Eels as they attempt to wrap up young talent in Jarryd Hayne and Daniel Mortimer and bring in big names Justin Poore, Shane Shackleton and Timana Tahu.

While initial talk at the club was around the out of form Kris Inu being shopped around, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive regarding Luke Burt this week.

Some suggest the Wests Tigers may be interested in the utility value of Burt and others are saying that a stint in the UK for larger dollars will be more up Luke Burts alley.

Regardless, the Parramatta veteran has been in solid form in recent weeks and despite some poor goal kicking look relatively safe as the club transitions to a new era with many veterans coming off contract in the years ahead.

Apart from Burt and Inu, the likes of Nathan Cayless and Eric Grothe are two other senior players on decent dollars that may be placed under the microscope as the Eels try to free up cash and continue their bold bid for the likes of Jonathan Thurston for 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Luke Burt could leave Eels”
  1. DONT LET LUKE GO!!!!! Parramatta wont be the same if Luke leaves. Do the team and the fans a favour and keep him on for good as an Eel. If it takes more money than give it to him, he deserves it! Dont let him go!

  2. If this is true its probably the most dissapointing thing the club have done in the 30 years i have followed them. Luke is loyal, brilliant and consistant and the perfect team player. In my opiniion, under rated because of not having the same desire to be a ‘super star’ and media darling. Luke should be first pick along with equally loyal and consistant players, Nathan H and C. This quiet achiever has been noticed by the fans for what he is and I guarantee I will not the only one to be crushed to see him go. Fans want to see new talent brought to the club, granted. But I also believe they value loyalty to the players who have been loyal to them. Burt must be an eel for life. It would be brilliant to have Tahu back, but deffinately not at the expense of Burt

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