Tomas Mezera Perkins Whincup V8 Supercars Decision OfficialsOur new columnist Dave Moyso backs up this week with a follow-up article on last weeks V8 discussion. In his eyes, similar to NRL officials the men behind the decisions in V8’s are also off the mark – getting it totally wrong in relation to the Whincup and Perkins collision just a few weeks back. It seems V8 Official Tomas Mezera has gone to the utmost length to justify his decision; but our man Moyso was there to tell us just whats happening behind the scenes; 

The assassination of John F. Kennedy took place on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was fatally wounded by gunfire while riding with his wife in a Presidential motorcade.

The ten-month investigation of the Warren Commission and other government investigations concluded that the President was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The assassination is still the subject of widespread debate and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories and alternative scenarios. Some of these conspiracies centre on what is known as the magic bullet. A single bullet that had to do amazing things if the initial government enquiry and official explanation for President Kennedy’s assassination is to be believed.

The problem is the facts just don’t support the theory. The bullet had no marks from clothing threads despite traveling through multiple layers and types of cloth. It wasn’t marked with blood or any type of human tissue despite supposedly traveling through 2 people – President Kennedy and Governor Connally and had no pieces of clothing attached.

What has this tragic event got to do with Supercar driving standards boss Tomas Mezera I can hear you asking. Well, much like this magic bullet, Tomas now wants us to believe that he has data from Jack Perkins and Jamie Whincup’s cars to support his original decision not to penalise Whincup for running into Perkins and spinning him off.

Apparently what I’m now calling the ‘magic data theory’ has Jamie arriving at the corner in Townsville at the same speed and braking at th same point as the previous lap before he whacked young Jack and that is supposed to be the magic proof that Jamie was not at fault.

The big hole in this theory is that no matter how fast or slow the data says you were going, it doesn’t show that there just happened to be another car in the way when you came lumbering into the corner.

It’s that simple. You can fluff it up with theory and try and justify the incident, but we can all see and we can all watch the youtube footage. It’s as plain as day as to what happened, there was no trees in the way or long fuzzy Zapruder style footage like the Kennedy assassination. It was clear cut and right in front of everyone.

Now we have Wollerman, again another official of dubious distinction who apparently claims that they had made the decision that these types of incidents would be looked at after the race with all footage and data. So a fundamental and hugely significant change to how on track incidents are judged and dealt with has been brought in prior to Townsville and it appears none of the usually very well informed commentators on Seven had any idea about the change and obviously judging by Whincup’s comments and reaction he certainly had no idea of it either nor did Jack Perkins obviously.

So just to clarify now the rules appear to be that it is incumbent on the lapped car to not only get out of the way of the race leaders but that any contact that results from what ever the leaders need to do to get passed them is entirely the lapped car’s responsibility and the passing car is without fault.

If this is the case it opens up a huge range of issues for any regular front runner who finds themselves a lap down. Basically according to Mezera and Wollerman, now if you happen to go a lap down, let’s say due to a flat tyre or extended pit stop your race is literally over as you have zero rights on the track to attempt to un lap yourself as the leaders now appear to have absolute right of way on track and are no longer under any apparent form of race regulation once a car is in a lapped position.

So if you drop a lap at say Bathurst early in the race, then bad luck, you’re day’s over as you have zero rights in any passing situation against anyone on the lead lap.

Well done Tomas and Peter, because of your attempts to defend stupid decisions you have managed to throw the entire sport into disarray with what now appear to be a set of unworkable and unenforceable rules.

Mezera got it wrong and everything that has followed, all the claims of supporting bits of data or the officials changing the rules before the event is nothing more than blatant arse covering. You know it and so does everyone else.

By ricky

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  1. Dave you are a wanker, bout time you grew up and took the red goggles off you tosspot

  2. So Moyso, Now JW is in a holen next year is this the end of your editorials on this non event?

    I guess now we will read how JW can ram anyone of the track he wants seeing he will be holdens #1 driver

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