David Faalogo could face legal challenge from Jason Taylor Souths 2009 NRLStill smarting from his axing as South Sydney coach; Jason Taylor spoke with the media again this morning – featuring on the Sky Sports Radio Big Sports Breakfast program.

When interviewed by Terry Kennedy and Michael Slater, the former coach said bluntly “I was wronged.” And felt that the situation would have been very different had Fa’alogo not punched him and knocked him out.

Taylor also went futher into the events that night, suggesting the punch from his player and the subsequent fall saw the coach knocked out cold for several minutes.

Other players apparently feared for Taylors condition, checking his breathing and pulse and attempting to ‘wake him’ for several minutes as he lie motionless on the floor.

Jason Taylor also backed up claims he made last night on the Channel 9 Footy Show, reaffirming that he was drinking but not intoxicated during the pub celebrations. According to Taylor he has 3 independent witness statements from the pubs bar staff and a security guard, suggesting he was ‘drinking responsibly’ and occasionally drinking water of his own accord.

This stance from Taylor was privately refuted by some Souths players according to Daily Telegraph journalist Josh Massoud. While Souths players are apparently supporting Taylor to his face, or sending messages of encouragement – behind the scenes, some players according to Massoud are not 100 percent happy with their former coach.

Massoud said that the players felt JT was a little intoxicated during the events of 10 days ago and was at times ‘testing’ on the patience of some players and those involved.

But the most stunning development came this morning when Jason Taylor left the door open for a possible civil challenge on former player Fa’alogo.

When pressed by Big Sports Breakfast hosts TK and Michael Slater on possible action against Fa’alogo – Taylor wasn’t saying anything; leaving listeners with the feeling the former coach may also chase Fa’alogo legally to gain some compensation for the actions of the big forward.

Taylor wouldn’t even comment on if there had been any discussion between him and Fa’alogo since the incident.

So as the NRL rolls into Week 2 of the 2009 semi-finals series, there seems to be no end in sight for the Rabbitohs ‘Sad Sunday’ saga – that looks set to roll into legal avenues, with possibly multiple targets.

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2 thoughts on “Taylors hints at suing Fa’alogo”
  1. I am regular follower of NRL and am very sad to see South Sydney Coach being sacked by the administration of the Club.

  2. I am from PNG, the regular viewer and critiziser of NRL would like to speak my mind about the issue of the day. However, am sad to hear him sacked. Thus, am finger off here.

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