Bulldogs Fans Violence Attack Eels Terry LeabetterTERRY Leabeater , the former Parramatta Eels bookend, along with female companions were apparently assaulted at ANZ Stadium by Bulldogs fans on Friday night.

Leabeter’s wife Jenny and a 2nd woman were also victims in the ANZ Stadium attack.

Bulldogs fans have had a long history of violence at NRL games and sadly it seems the trend may have continued after they were defeated at the weekend.

Leabeater, who was in need of medical help after at the attack – passed details of the flare up on to Parramatta and NRL heavyweights after the events occurred.

Stadium came to the assistance of Leabeater and his companions soon after, helping him exit the venue safely.

ANZ Stadium management were made aware of the incident by Sunday morning. It is understood at least 3 Bulldogs fans took part in the attack.

Police are also investigating the incident, which occurred when Leabeater was inside a stadium lift.

“What those blokes did was pretty ordinary,” Leabeater said last night.

“There was no need for it.

“It was a misunderstanding and not even related to the footy.

“There is a far bit of bark off me. But I wasn’t worried about myself.

“I was more worried about the girls. I’m not overly happy.” Onlookers said the attackers were Bulldogs supporters.

Some claim the fans were not entirely to blame for the flare-up.

Stadium management last night confirmed the incident occurred.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred in one of the stadium’s lifts involving an alleged assault,” an ANZ Stadium spokesman said.

“One person was provided with medical attention as a result of the incident and our customer service staff provided assistance to this person to make sure he was able to safely continue his way out of the stadium.

Because of the location inside the lift, our CCTV cameras didn’t capture the incident and we have not been notified of any complaint made to police about the alleged assault.”

Leabeater was the official spokesman for the 3P ticket which gained control during Parramatta Football Club elections and, later, leagues club elections late last year and earlier this year.

He formed a combination with Geoff Bugden – nicknamed The Bookends – for Parramatta in the 1986 Grand Final.

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