Todd Carney Trouble Set Fire to man Pants New Year Eve 2009It’s only taken a few weeks, but Todd Carney could already be in trouble for allegedly setting a man on fire in Northern Queensland during New Years celebrations.

The former Raider and human-headline, Carney and a friend are alleged to have attempted a practical joke – setting fire to a mans pants; with the joke getting out of hand as the man endured burns to his upper legs, thighs and buttocks.

The victim was admitted to hospital but has refused to make a complaint or have any charges laid.

If proven to be true, the situation was naturally be worrying for the Sydney Roosters – who have taken a big gamble on Carney, who is only just set to come back from a 1-year NRL ban after breaking the rules in the ACT.

The alleged incident occurred at Airlie Beach in North Queensland, with Police confirming no charges were laid or expected to be laid over the incident.

When asked to comment, the Roosters said they were yet to discuss the situation with Carney.

It’s clear that the Roosters have their work cut out in 2010. They have smartly recruited class-leading coach Brian Smith, but even the veteran Smith has a tough task – with Nate Myles and Willie Mason failing a mid-season booze test, former coach Fittler getting drunk and lost in a hotel, Myles doing the business in the hotel foyer and Jake Friend losing the plot more than once.

Buckle up Roosters fans, get set for anything in 2010.

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