How much slack should a coach be given once they achieve NRL Premiership success? A very hard question to answer, but in Sheens’ case – the Wests Tigers must surely be saying “Now or Never” in regards to their veteran coach.

It’s such a hard point to bring up, given that Sheens took the newly formed Wests Tigers outfit to their maiden Premiership in 2005.On top of that, they didn’t just win the competition – they won it in fairytale fashion, by a long margin on the big night.

Something that puts Sheens up on a pedestal even more.But 5 years later, the Wests Tigers have been unable to secure even a finals birth. They had a good, young crop of players that took them to the NRL Premiership – many feeling that a dynasty would be a formality given the age of the players.

But looking forward, so many talented stars have been forced out.Sure, salary cap does play a big part in that. But it surely must be time to make the hard decisions following 2010?

The Tigers were a tad unlucky in 2009, they did manage to secure a great player in Gareth Ellis and they had some horror injuries at crucial times – but again, when is the time that club officials have to say “Lets clear the decks!”In the past, that has always been a last resort.

However, given the success of the Bulldogs in only 12 months after they cleared coaching and player ranks – it sends a message to other clubs, that yes, it can be done.While Sheens has virtually been given a free-reign by the club and the media since 2005, given his time before he joined Wests at North Queensland – it paints an even bleaker picture.

Sheens failed to achieve at the Cowboys, his time at the helm from 1997-2001 was a consistent struggle. Sheens even struggled with his health, taking stress leave at a time when the Cowboys were being bought out by News Limited.

But looking back at the statistics, Sheens’ three Premierships with the Radiers and his most recent win with the Wests Tigers in 2005 – puts him second only to Wayne Bennett in terms of coaches who have achieved so many Premiership glory.

While this stat looks great, there is no question that if Sheens cannot make the finals in 2010 – the Wests Tigers will look to new faces for 2011 and beyond.

By ricky

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