Greg Bird Aquitted on Assault Charges Once MoreAfter being acquitted today on a second alleged assault charge, Greg Bird is set to burst back onto the local Rugby League scene before the NRL starts, with the former Sharks badboy now drafted into the Indigenous All stars team for the All Stars match to be played Skilled Park on Feb 13.

Bird comes in for Daine Laurie who has pulled out injured.

Having not played top flight local football in well over 12 months, many will be interested to see how Bird performs against local talent. While performing well in the English Super League for Les Catalans, Bird has had his heart set on re-establishing himself in the local arena.

Bird is well and truly on the path to redemption after his victory in court today and a chance at NRL success once more.

Greg Inglis who will be replaced by Beau Champion from South Sydney in another blow for the tournament organisers.

Realising the importance of the tournament for NRL promotion, Inglis said he will continue to promote the event as much as possible despite not being able to take part in the historic game. The All Stars game is set to light up the Rugby League calendar into the future, with many big names tipping the event could be a mini-Origin into the future.

Neil Henry is in charge of the Indigenous All Stars and was confident the new faces in Bird and Champion will put in a good showing.

The latest injuries are a real concern for the fixture, given that big names Gareth Ellis, Alan Tongue and Dave Taylor have all been omitted from the NRL All Stars team with injuries.

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